About me


I have always loved film photography, with early memories of using a 110 cartridge camera to capture grainy images of my favourite things. In my late teens I bought my first SLR: an Olympus OM1, which I later replaced with an OM10. I still use ‘Old Trusty’ today.

On moving down to Brighton on England’s south coast in 2009, I then discovered the LOMO LC-A, and realised that with photographic equipment, less is often more. This wonderful 35mm compact camera is perfect for capturing light in hidden corners of cities, deserted underground stations, and Brighton beach throughout the year. It is small enough to fit in my pocket, so i never need miss a moment.

little manWorking with analogue methods gives my photographs character, with grain and colour shifts from various films and processing techniques generating wonderfully random qualities. This is what I look for and savour. In the same way that whilst listening to music on vinyl isn’t as perfect as cd or digital, i believe it too has more soul.

I like to capture real scenes, with real people, imperfections and all. I mess around a bit with double exposures too, and particularly enjoy combining graffiti with street scenes. I try to capture some of the quirky and natural beauty of the world around me.

If you would like a print for your wall, please go to the Buy Prints section of this site, or visit my online store here.

I have a variety of frames and mounts available, and I will be happy to quote a price!

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