The first six images are from a film swap which took the following process: I shot a roll on the “normal” side of 35mm film, rewound (leaving the end of the film still poking out of the magazine) and posted this to hodachrome in Japan, who then reversed and rewound the film, and shot the roll again so that the second exposure was shot on the “wrong” side. When shooting on the reverse side, the image is “red-scaled” – all colours become shades of red, so the images are a combination of true and red-scaled colours.

For the next six images, boiled water, silica gel and washing detergent was mixed together to create a “soup”, which was left to cool a little. Then, in a darkroom, the exposed film was pulled out from its canister. The “soup” was flicked and dabbed onto the film. After a few minutes the film was rewound back into the canister and then dropped into just-boiled water. After another 5 minutes it was transferred into cold water for one more minute. Then, back in the darkroom, the film was pulled out from the canister again and dried with a hairdryer, and when complete, the film was rewound, developed and scanned as normal.

Then the final six images are the results of a 3-way “trifecta” film-swap. Alongside Hodaka Yamamoto in Japan, and Graziella Ines in the USA, we sent 3 rolls of  film to each other across 3 continents, each shooting a layer on every frame, so that the films ended up being loaded and shot on 3 different cameras, by 3 photographers in 3 continents. These rolls of film have travelled over 11,000 miles in total!


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